Experience the Difference

What you’ll find at Focus Crossroads:

  • 3 spacious and comfortable suites: each includes a large discussion room, spacious viewing room, and dedicated client lounge.
  • 1 discussion room setup in living room style.
  • 1 usability lab/IDI suite and viewing room
  • Experienced in-house recruiting, With over 40 work stations: Leveraging our own database and skill at using grassroots methodologies to find the respondents you want to talk to.
  • The latest technology at your fingertips: Digital A/V recording standard, ActiveGroup®, FocusVision®, internet access and more.
  • Complete concierge services: Food and beverage service, car services, printing and copying, etc.
  • Dedicated hosts: Specialists in helping you execute your current project and assisting you so you can continue to manage everything else you need to get done.
  • Language translation
  • Transcription services

And most importantly… a sense of calm when you walk through the doors, knowing you are being taken care of by friendly and knowledgeable professionals who care about your project as much as you do. View our Floor Plan and Photographs of the facility.

Get More Done

Focus Crossroads was designed to enable breakthrough research and get the rest of your work done as well. Our team understands firsthand not only what is required to help you conduct your current project, but also what you need to manage your additional work schedule at the same time.

Resources to Deliver

Getting the right respondents is central to conducting stellar qualitative research. Our internal recruiting staff has advanced training and extensive experience adhering to the necessary rigors and processes of research that deliver the quality respondents that meet your standards. We are experts at helping you find even the most difficult respondents and will always be able to get it done.