At Focus Crossroads, our Phone Center has a dedicated field services department which ensures that no matter how difficult the target or unique the logistics of your project are, we have the resources and experience to deliver.

  • Strategically located outside of New York City, Focus Crossroads has the capability of recruiting from a diverse sample universe and provides a qualitative experience which is unmatched 

  • A recent upgrade of our in-house technology has rapidly increased productivity that could potentially provide you with an opportunity to present clients with fast and relatively inexpensive offline options 

  • If you are in need of assistance please do not hesitate to bring us on as an extension of your company 

  • We are able to specifically target B2B and hard-to-reach consumer audiences on a global basis allows us to work offline in over 100 countries 

Qualitative Services
  • Focus Groups & Mini-groups   

  • In-Depth/One on One Interviews

  • Ethnographic Studies

  • Computer Usability Labs

  • Online Bulletin Boards

  • Product Development Clinics

  • Shop Alongs

  • In-Home Usage Testing (I-HUT)   

Recruiting Specialists
  • Executive, experienced in-house recruiters

  • The capability of recruiting

  • multicultural and low incidence populations

  • On-site phone center with 40 CATI stations

  • Quality respondents

  • Higher than average show rates

Client Services
  • Experienced, dedicated full service qualitative team

  • Industry savvy staff, skilled at using mixed — methodologies to find hard to reach respondents

  • Committed to keeping you informed with open lines of communication

  • Personalized service and project management

  • Ability to facilitate quick turn-around projects